The Lush Lifestyle cosmetics store opens its doors

There is a new makeup and cosmetics store in town. The Lush Lifestyle, located at Masa Centre in the Central Business District (CBD), is owned by Gwen Isaacs and Dico Badenhorst and it was officially opened last week. It aims to give shoppers an in-store experience and products that are distinct in the beauty marketplace.

Co-owner, Isaacs said the store was inspired by her long experience and passion for the beauty industry. “I have experience in the world of beauty as I have worked in a retail store and as a freelancer in many different projects. Through this experience, I realised that there was a gap and certain cosmetics that we did not have in our country and thought I should fill this gap. I met my partner Dico from South Africa who also had an interest in starting up a cosmetics store and we started The Lush Lifestyle. Through this cosmetics store we are bringing products and services that Batswana have been leaving the country to access elsewhere,” she said.

They have an assortment of upscale brands and trendy store design that give them a more exclusive luster. The store currently has seven employees and features hair and body items including nail care products, hair products as well as facial cleansers, moisturizers, lip balms, lipsticks, paints and body lotions. The store also features special services such as teeth whitening, makeup lessons, facial examinations and solutions for different skin problems.

“We import our products from different parts of the world including Dubai, United States, United Kingdom and South Africa. One of the special products we have in our store is the Sheaterra organic ranges of products that are in high demand. Shoppers also have the luxury to select eye shadow colours to create their personalised palettes as well as proper analysis of the scalp and solutions. The store is set to transform the beauty industry and everyone is our target audience,” said Isaacs who studied Makeup and Production Design at City Varsity in Cape Town.