Tickle your taste buds with Lansmore’s new menu

La Touche de Provence in Lansmore recently introduced a new menu. Executive Chef Rico Carlinsky prepared an incredible feast for food enthusiast’s senses. According to Carlinsky their change of menu is seasonal as they will be launching a new menu every new season and their choice of food for the menu was inspired by the cold weather.

“The new menu was created with the winter season in mind and the comfort I believe food will give in winter. What is in the menu is food I personally enjoy eating and I’ve put myself in my customers’ shoes and selected food that will warm me up. I love including ingredients that are a little closer to home whilst also moving a little out of my comfort zones to try the unfamiliar.
Here’s a sneak peak of what look forward to:

Smoked chicken terrine with red pepper aioli and mixed greens-
150 gr Shredded smoked chicken and baked with chicken liver parfait (a mixture of port, dry sherry, caramelized onion, white wine blended till silky smooth and baked for 90min at 120 degrees), with roasted red pepper aioli (aioli being a homemade garlic mayonnaise)

Poached pear & Roquefort salad –
Pear poached in star anise, cardamom and wrapped in bacon served with Roquefort cheese (a very rich and creamy type of blue cheese) served with focaccia garlic croutons.

Ostrich neck soup –
Hearty and full flavoured soup with ostrich that is slow cooked with leeks, carrots, onions & celery served with brioche.

Main Course
Beef Fillet Served with roasted sweet potato pave, vegetable Tian & Mushroom duxelle –
Best end of 250g Botswana beef served with sweet potato Pave (brick shap) Vegetable tian (courgette, red pepper, & carrot tower baked with mozzarella cheese) and Mushroom Duxelle (mushrooms, garlic, parsley cooked to a paste)

Sirlion Melyn – 300g-sirloin steak served with grilled halloumi, blueberry and apricot jam & avocado risotto.

Chicken & mushroom balotine served with fondant potatoes –
350g of whole deboned chicken stuffed with mushroom duxelle with fondant potatoes (potatoes are cut out in a leave shape then cooked in slat water with a lot of butter till the water evaporates and the butter turns golden brown and crisps up the potato).

Prawn, mussels, cob & calamari served with homemade linguine in a white wine & dill sauce –
Seafood sautéed in butter and cooked in a dill, white wine & pernod cream sauce. Pasta is homemade and is a very fine and thin.

Chorizo, chicken & Basil pesto served with homemade pappardella –
Chorizo (spicy, fatty Spanish sausage) Chicken strips and basil pesto (fresh basil, garlic, pine nuts, parmesan cheese and olive oil) with parpadella (a thick, long and leafy pasta)


Meringue Roulade with lemon curd & Tequila macerated berries –
Meringue rolled and filled with lemon curd (a paste made of lemon juice, butter & egg yolks) with macerated berries (berries soaked in liquor with icing sugar)