Vee delivers his promise

After being off the music scene for a while, the confessed born again leading kwaito-kwasa artist, Odirile ‘Vee’ Sento this past weekend proved at his Supernatural Vol.1 album launch held at the Game City roof top that he still has what it takes to put together a brilliant show.

The show was nothing less than amazing and featured local acts amongst them Makau, Mapetla, Mosako, Drama Boi, Mingo, Animals, Kast, Morisky, Magosi, K-Bos, Captain Dira, MMP, Machesa, Slizer, Noello, Team Distant and a number of local DJs who also proved that they have amazing talents with electrifying stage presence and performances.


The Taku Taku sensation drove the audience wild with one of his best tracks, Eita; which had a great reception as he has been performing the hit track during the Ministry of Health’s male circumcision tours. The track has also enjoyed massive airplay in local radio stations.

He also performed some of his latest tracks such as Re Iketlile, which has the same rhythm as his past tracks and his super energized dancers thrilled audiences with their latest dance moves.

Vee’s stage performance also worked the audience into a frenzy excitement as he performed his past tracks, Letlhale and Taku Taku among others, reminding the crowd of his past hits as the audience sang along.

Night crawlers were also in for another treat as South African kwaito artist Kabelo ‘Bouga Luv’ Mabalane, a former member of legendary  kwaito group, TKZEE, thrilled audiences with his solo hits like Dubula and Masheleng among others. Just like Vee, Bouga Luv is a self-proclaimed born again.


Another highlight of the night was when South Africa’s flashy and extravagant self proclaimed Queen of Bling, Khanyi Mbau’s entrance made a stir as she made an appearance clad in a blinging blazer, shiny flare skirt and black six inch stilettos. She had earlier before the show, advised ladies through local media to glam up for the show.

The show, which had been well publicized, attracted masses from across the city despite the chilly weather.


The launch proved that the pint-sized artist was still at the top of his game as he still maintains his superior place in the country’s music industry.

The 13-track album was composed by Vee except for There is a race track.  Vee started working on the album at the beginning of the year and it was recorded at Mega Base Studios.