“We are available to collaborate with local film producers…” Connie and Shona Ferguson

This past week, MultiChoice Botswana officially launched Dstv’s latest channel, Zambezi Magic, at Thapong Visual Arts Center’s Cafe shop for the Botswana audience. Present at the launch was Botswana’s showbiz exports to South Africa Connie and Shona Ferguson along with local film producers, aspiring actors and all round content producers. Since its official launch on the first of July in Zambia, the new channel has inspired hope to local producers. The channel, which is aimed at showcasing content from the Sub Saharan Africa region, could possibly be the gateway Batswana content producers have been waiting for. It will provide an opportunity for Botswana films and documentaries to show on DStv thereby making them accessible to a wider audience.
Speaking at the launch, Actor and producer, Shona Ferguson, expressed gratitude to MultiChoice for inviting them to the official launch in Gaborone. “We were in Zambia when this channel was officially launched and we were happy because we knew that Botswana would also get a chance to have its content up there with the rest of southern Africa,” said Shona Ferguson. He added; “This is the perfect time to put in your proposals and above all work together as Batswana and show the rest of Africa and the world that we too have stories to tell about our country. A lot of the time we have people coming in from other parts of the world to tell our stories so it’s time we told our own stories in our own voice.” Shona highlighted the importance of producing quality work, “Lets us produce good quality work, there is nothing as irritating as a bad quality film.”
Connie Ferguson, a seasoned actor and co- producer of ‘Rockville’ and ‘The Wild’ also emphasized the importance of producing good quality work.

“Collaborations are also a good way to get your stuff out there because you combine talents and can also share costs. Shona and I are available to collaborate or advice were possible. Currently, we are working on a series that will be aired on Mzansi Magic called ‘Igazi,’ Xhosa word for blood. The series is 90% Xhosa. “Don’t limit yourself when telling your stories. We are aware that sometimes budget gets in the way but let it not be a constriction. Write proposals and ask for sponsors so that you produce good quality work. Always give a different approach to normal stories to give yourselves an edge. Also research your characters throughly,” said Connie.
For her part, Public Relations and Publicity Executive at MultiChoice, Thembile Legwaila, said they were ready to connect content producers directly with the Zambezi production team to get their films and shows on a bigger platform.