What is Oneal doing in SA?

Radio veteran, dj and Botswana representative on the 2013 Big Brother Africa reality game show recently revealed in a tweet the day after his birthday that he will be joining the newly launched South African Online radio station, Cliff Central. The radio station is run by radio jock Gareth Cliff and in the tweet Oneal mentioned that he will be hosting a show from 2pm till 3pm. When reached for comment about his new show, Oneal declined to comment even though he continues to advertise his slot on social media, “I cannot comment on anything that is related to the radio station or my relationship with it as we are still working on a few things,” he said.

However, he was able to confirm that indeed he has now relocated to South Africa and is working on a number of projects. “I am doing a lot of Mceeing at gigs, club deejaying and I am also working closely with one of the municipalities here on an initiative called The people must read; who’s main focus is on the reduction of drugs and through education. It was easy for me to come on board because I was already doing some work and giving talks in schools even back at home,” he said. Although, he could not give details, Oneal also shared that there is a movie project coming soon that he  is working on.

Even though he refused to share what his show will be about and how he got on Cliff Central, he did admit that, radio is a part of who he is. “I love radio and wherever there is an opportunity for me to grow and learn on a bigger scale, I will always tap on that. In South Africa, there are close to 30 radio stations as opposed to Botswana where there are only 5. But this is not to say that, if I got a better offer back home I wouldn’t come back.” He expressed that he has not yet considered obtaining citizenship of South Africa, “I like to dedicate my time to my work and if my work requires me to take citizenship, maybe I would consider it but the point is I will always be a citizen of Botswana.”