Character transformation that drives business performance

On the 06th to the 07th December 2018 VOSS BW will be hosting a two day conference that is bringing the world’s largest Character-based Leadership Development Program for business, government, public-safety, education and families to Botswana. This initiative is an opportunity for the workforce of Botswana, to come together in building and strengthening a character-based culture, addressing key leadership qualities and character transformative skills that drive business performance.

In 2017 VOSS hosted its first Conference which addressed  the importance of Moral Intelligence in business among the youth entrepreneurs in Botswana. The conference was held under the premise that sustainable business performance is only possible when youth entrepreneurs in their businesses acted in concert with certain core universal principles, including integrity, responsibility, compassion, and forgiveness.

In Partnership with the Human Resource Development Council, this year the objectives of the second conference are in line with  Vision 2036’s Botho Principle that challenges all Batswana to develop a well-rounded character that is courteous, well mannered and makes a difference in the communities they belong.  The aim is to explain and to facilitate the understanding of Character-based, sound governance practices in environments and organizations as well as to develop appropriate leadership strategies to combat the phenomenon of moral decay, unproductiveness, poor work ethics, poor customer service, resistance to change or innovation and poor communication skills to name a few, all these are character issues that need to be fixed first.

Other points that will be covered are understanding the complexities of character in different environments, exposing individuals to global character-based management concepts that are practiced by experts, examining the ripple effect of not applying solid character principles in the workplace, identifying the causes and implications of poor character in workplaces and formulating strategies for Character- based reform and excellence.

This conference serves as the perfect opportunity to inspire, encourage and equip Batswana with cutting edge resources to develop a character based culture that drives business performance.  Attendees will meet other quality leaders to expand networks, re-aligning and refocusing the purpose of character education as well as embracing cutting -edge material and listening to inspirational leaders talking about various very practical issues in Character education. This conference will also bring together mind changing and paradigm shifters of the 21st century who are ready and excited about making a difference and impacting what the future of Botswana will be. We are pleased to  invite you to join us for this mind shifting and interactive event  scheduled to take place at the Avani Conference Centre this Thursday. Tickets are available at webtickets country wide.

For more information contact 76052399 / 74888888