GIS Celebrates Their Teaching Staff

On Friday the fourth of June, Botswana celebrated and recognised their dedicated educators across the country. As part of National Teachers Day, Gaborone International School (GIS) showed their appreciation with a token of gratitude.

We can never fit all our appreciation into one day, but GIS honoured each and every teaching staff member for the work they do. We all have that teacher. The one that inspired us. The one that encouraged us to ask questions, discuss topics and do the research. The one that affected and challenged our choices of a subject for future study.

The one that helped us get where we are today. The one that made learning not only enjoyable but fun.

GIS acknowledge the critical role their teaching staff play shaping our children, the future leaders of our country.

Their kind, patient, hard-working, dedicated, and understanding guidance that helps mould our children and lead them into positive directions do not go unnoticed.

We acknowledge that the past year our teachers had to adapt and follow strict new rules and safety protocols because of COVID-19, we as parents, all got a pretty clear glimpse into “a day in the life” of a teacher through our online classes. And we had found a greater appreciation for our teaching staff as we have seen just how much they do and how great their passion is to help our students succeed.

GIS are extremely proud of their teaching staff’s willingness to take on new opportunities, embrace world trends and encourage their students. “We take this opportunity to thank each of them for all they continuously do. We know that you will keep up the good work, and we hope that you all had a fantastic National Teachers’ Day!”

By Gerald Hilton, Principal of Gaborone International School