Six Dots Studios launches ‘Vision 3D’

Aimed at building a virtual 3D City of Gaborone


Two local entrepreneurs in Thabo Seane and Victor Chelemu will soon launch a visual portal named ‘Vision 3D’ which is aimed at presenting a disruptive tool that facilitates interactive 3D in the architectural space.

They will set up the visual tool through their architecture, technology and design studio known as Six Dots Studios.

According to the two, their idea of ‘Visual 3D’ is inspired by 3D game technology and interactive design which has since motivated them to venture into this untapped territory by merging their architectural background with interactive 3D and augmented reality to offer a unique experience to clients.

“Trying to explain a new design to a client can be quite a difficult and a back and forth process. Currently the industry uses 2D plans and static 3D renders to communicate the architectural designs. This process limits what the client is able to see from a design perspective,” says one of the co-owners Seane. “We decided to introduce the interactive Vision 3D technology in alignment with architecture so that people can be part of the design process and fully interact and engage with their property virtually from start to finish.”

A one stop shop for property developers, real estate marketers and anyone who aspires to own a property, Six Dots Studios offers architecture and design services, virtual tours, branding and 3D property marketing.

“Our services are tailored to create a personal and emotional connection to assist the architecture, engineering and construction industry in marketing their ideas. We are driven by experiential and interactive communication in our design approach,” says Seane. By leveraging modern design technologies and 3D coding software, Seane states that their ultimate vision is to build a virtual 3D City of Gaborone that will be a public 3D portal where real-estate can be virtually explored.

“We want it to be a 3D community space or portal that serves as a collaborative hub and 3D portal where real estate can be virtually explored and shared. It will also become a tourism and entertainment portal where people can experience our cities virtually and interactively engage in new developments and ultimately gain a greater understanding on the infrastructure development of our cities,” Seane shares.

He is of the view that the ‘Vision 3D’ will promote citizen involvement in local cities growth and put people at the heart of urban development. “It is now easy for us Batswana to utilize online resources and data to improve our skills and knowledge in these digital fields in order to create products that can serve our country,” he says. “Through Vision 3D, people get to explore properties in real time before they are built. They will have the freedom to view the property at their leisure on their mobile phones. To engage with the interactive content and make changes thus being a part of the entire design process.”

He believes with its features, ‘Visual 3D’ will add value to a client’s process of purchasing a property and allow for a better experience so that people can see their dream homes come to life.