A chance to see F1 to the end

Seven races now stand between crowning a winner for the 64th edition of the F1 Championship. German Wonder kid Sebastian Vettel in his Red Bull car is leading the drivers with an impressive 222 points which has pundits and bookies alike already engraving his name on the title. Two men stand to ruin his fourth Championship victory, as Fernando Alonso in a Ferrari is hot on his heels with 169 points and Mercedes’ Lewis Hamilton third on 141. 


While the Singaporean Grand Prix is next on the calendar, on 22 September, St Louis Export is looking to give some lucky patrons a chance to see the expected epic end to this year’s race in Brazil; a track known for its usually ultra-competitive driving. The premium beer maker has launched a promotion that will see four St Louis Export customers win all expenses paid trips to watch the Brazilian Grand Prix in Brazil on 24th November 2013. The competition was launched recently at Masa Square with the roaring of an F1 race as they brought in a real life F1 car that had previous raced in one of the circuits.


St Louis Export has, throughout the Formula One season, been partnering with select venues to screen various Grand Prix races taking place around the world. Thus, it is running the promotion to reward St Louis Export drinkers by giving them an opportunity to win a once-in-a-lifetime experience.

According to KBL Marketing Manager of Premium Beer, Amakura Erbynn, “This promotion is simply KBL’s way of thanking and rewarding some of our loyal customers and to celebrate a successful end of season for Formula One. We are proud to have earned our position and reputation as a premium beer. To get involved in premium sporting events, then, could not be more exciting and even more humbling.”


The promotion will run from 16th September 2013 to 3rd November 2013, and entrants will be required to SMS a unique code found in St Louis Export underliners to the number 16565 in order to qualify for the prize. The winners will win an expenses paid trip to Sao Paulo to see the Brazilian Grand Prix in style, not just taking in the race, but also seeing what the Brazilian city has to offer its premium visitors.

“This is an exciting promotion we feel our consumers will truly enjoy. It is not  just about a competition, it is about embracing the thrilling culture of Formula One sport and celebrating its heritage and its sense of vitality.” Amakura said.