A leader by example

Clara certainly has left a huge mark as she played a significant role in the history of politics in Botswana, especially in the history of the Botswana Democratic Party. Not only because she was a good and faithful servant of the party, but also because she was also such a good person to not just be working for the party but also in the way she shared the views and the sentiments that the party stood for. For that we will forever be indebted to her.
Clara was such a good and reliable person to work with because you knew that there may be two of you holding  two opposing views but there was always respect for these views.That is the kind of person  you would like to associate and relate to in life because they are meaningful.  Those who merely say yes to everything are not worth relating to because it is like seeing yourself in a mirror and knowing that it will always give your reflection but won’t even show you what might be behind your back . We sympathize with the family and are as deeply sorry that it has happened but we should thank God that in our lives there was ever a person like that who imparted knowledge to us.


Sir Ketumile Masire