All is well at LEA-Chairman

Following reports of mass resignations at the Local Enterprise Authority (LEA) because of alleged maladministration by the management, LEA Board Chairman has said he is unaware of the frustrations of the departed officers.

Chairman Batlhatsi Tsayang revealed in an interview with Gazette Business that he was not aware of any problems at LEA and advised employees to report complaints about management to the Board, Permanent Secretary in the Ministry of Trade or the Minister.

“We would like to get those complaints. Newspapers may be used but channels like the Board and or the Ministry should be exhausted if they are afraid to face the CEO. I am keen to hear from them,” Tsayang said adding that they have competent executives heading the organisation.
“We often ask management in our Board meetings if there could be any complaints within the organisation and they always tell us that everything is fine and in order. My ears are on the ground because this is worrisome,” said Tsayang.

He however, said that as for those who have left the organisation before, he would not say is a lost resource but rather they are still within the economy and within institutions that work closely with LEA.

Media has been awash with reports that all is not well at LEA and has so far lost over 20 senior personnel. Chief among the complaints are allegations of poor management by Dr Tebogo Matome and his two Deputies.

One of the former Directors who spoke on condition of anonymity told this publication that, “the CEO and two deputies leave Directors out of decision making. We were just useless directors yet we are also appointed by the board. The issue at LEA is not uncompetitive salaries but rather people are ill-treated there.” Source revealed that LEA has lost about 20 Directors if not over this figure and will continue to lose them if nothing is done.

A letter from a Director who has resigned has been leaked to this publication where he reiterates complaints of poor management and incompetence saying most of the people at the origination lacked knowledge on SMME development.
The former employee indicated that it was unfortunate that such a lovely government mandate which was meant to significantly benefit Batswana is not being realised as LEA is operating on “auto pilot.”

Efforts to get comment from LEA have however been futile with an inquiry sent on May 19th, to one Boikhutso Kgomanyane has not been responded to.  LEA Spokesperson Bame Moremong has demanded the leaked letter and upon failing to get it declined to comment and said the publication run with the story.
Contacted for comment, the CEO said he was on leave until 8th July and indicated that a press conference on the issues will be held upon his return.