ARTIST: Snubby’ Nub TITLE: Life, Love and God EP REVIEWER

Life, Love and God is a soulful motswako masterpiece by Snubby Nub. The talented young man describes his music as a brand and movement of no boundaries, with a sole vision and objective to inspire, teach, and motivate, while also entertaining the listener. He calls his genre an alternative as it blends elements from soft rock, hip hop and folk influences, and adds that it about representing real life, love and God.

He worked with composer, producer and rock artist Bobby Jones in producing ear-catching records that associated a mix of hip hop beats, acoustic guitars and melodic strings.
The 12 track project features renowned and upcoming artists in the likes of Lizibo, Bundulama, Kennedy Thai, Maya Roze, Blain and Shay amongst others.

With his music, Snubby shares his amazing story of hardship, loss, pain, restoration, faith, love, hope and inspiration.  In the hit track Gauteng, he cries out out to the city of gold not to forget him and his dreams at a time it seemed like his dreams and aspirations were becoming out of reach.

Another hit Kwenzenjani in which he features Flow, he tells a tale about a young man’s regrets when his woman has had enough of his negligence and unfaithfulness and finally leaving him. It also conveys the woman’s side of the story.
In Still breathing, he talks about the journey of being successful and the importance of going after one’s dreams, while Sweetest Victory featuring Kennedy Thai and Solo is a celebration track about the convictions of success. Calling is an acoustic inspired gospel track in which he talks of spirituality and living with a purpose.

All in all the cd  is worth every Thebe you will spend on it, a Christmas present for yourself or a loved one.