Ask the gov’t about Motswaledi report – Gaolathe

Botswana Movement for Democracy (BMD) president Ndaba Gaolathe has finally broken the silence on the   awaited    investigation report into the death of the party’s founding president, Gomolemo Motswaledi. Speaking during the BMD third elective congress held over the weekend in Gantsi, Gaolathe said the nation should ask the government about the report and also to  explain to them about what happened to Motswaledi.

“The people you want answers from are those in government, they  are the ones who should explain what happened to Motswaledi,” he said,  adding that it is every Motswana’s right to know what happened to their leader.

According to Gaolathe,  the police and high ranking government officials  have not  given an explanation to Motswaledi’s death like it is done  in other countries  when a leader dies from ‘suspicious’ circumstances. “The first thing this government could have done was to explain to Batswana what happened, but they declined to do so. They then refused to give us the report,”  he said, further stating, “If there are people  whom you should from  time to time ask   about the report  is the government of Botswana.”

Gaolathe said it was upon realising that the government was unwilling to answer their questions that they engaged private experts to give Batswana an explanation on the circumstances surrounding the death of Motswaledi.  “We are only politicians and do not have the expertise. Thus, there is a team tasked with the  investigations  and it  is headed by Dick Bayford,” he said.

Gaolathe explained that the team has done much of the work and is  yet to complete the investigations. “What I can confirm to you is that they have done the bulk of the work but what  they have gathered  so far does not show what happened; instead  it has  raised more questions than there were before.”
He told the congress to be appreciative of the work that the team has done thus far more so that they have put their lives on the line for Batswana to eventually know the truth.  “ Lesang go bogola  batho ba ka gore ba tsentse matshelo a bone mo diphatseng, se le ka se dirang ke go ba leboga ;  ba ikentshitse setlhabelo gore   le tle le itse se se ka tswang se diragetse.” [Stop barking at the investigating team, they have put their lives on the line so that you get to know what really happened]

The BMD president stressed that the nation should not expect the report from the Umbrella for Democratic Change (UDC), rather from the investigating team. “The investigating team will give you the report, not the UDC. We can only update you on how far they are with investigations,” he said, stating that the team will however brief Motswaledi’s father and family before they can tell the nation.

Motswaledi died  last year  July in  a car accident along A1 near Ramatlabama border. Many did not buy reports of an accident, arguing that it was staged. They suspected that Motswaledi was assassinated.  At the time, the Botswana Police issued a statement that Motswaledi was killed in a tragic accident and nothing else.