Babitseng poised for a top BFA post

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First Division South chairman Tariq Babitseng has been linked with the Botswana Football Association (BFA) vice president administration role. The post will be contested at the next General Assembly scheduled to take place in July.

The position will be up for grabs in the next assembly because the current holder of the position, Boyce Sebetlela, is approaching the end of his term. Nominations for aspiring candidates will only be released a fortnight before the assembly.

Numerous reports have indicated that Babitseng is earmarked for the position, the First Division South chairman was the campaign manager during Tebogo Sebego’s presidential drive and the main focus of their campaign was the strengthening of regions across the country, it is believed that he garnered a good rapport with numerous regions in the process.
Those regions could give him the necessary backing to avail himself for a nomination. This publication has established that Sebetlela could also be allowed to run for another term if he has aspirations of contesting for another term. He has been in the position since 2010, he is reportedly weighing his options before making a decision.

Babitseng and Sebetlela are reportedly not on good terms, the two are rumoured to have a long running feud that has caused a rift  within the National Executive Committee (NEC), a BFA sub-body in which both men are members. A potential battle for the vice president administration role could see an intense battle for the position.
When reached for comment Babitseng could not confirm nor deny claims that he could avail himself for the position. “To be linked with such a job shows that I am doing something right,” he said.
“It has not crossed my mind yet, I am only focusing on the First Division for now. However, if I am deemed good enough for the post then I cannot refuse. If I were entrusted with such a position, I would grab the opportunity. Given a chance, I would never disappoint but as I said my only focus in the First Division at the moment,” explained Babitseng.

BFA President, Sebego, told Gazette Sport that he is unaware of reports linking Babitseng with the Vice President Admin role. “I do not know whether or not he is interested in the role. His mandate is to oversee the First Division South league and he has been doing well since his return from suspension. Tariq is a capable leader but there are many more people who can assume the role, nothing else can be said at the moment,” said Sebego.

He concluded by praising the work done by Sebetlela and confirmed that the latter could be in line for another term if he chooses to declare his candidacy. “I have learned a lot from Sebetlela as a leader, he has been valuable to the association,” he concluded.