BDP activist lambasts Moyo in a UDC launch

TATI-SIDING: Former Botswana Democratic Party (BDP) Matsiloje Ward councilor, Simon Lephalo might face the BDP disciplinary committee after he addressed Umbrella for Democratic Change (UDC) launch and de-campaigned the former’s parliamentary candidate for Tati East, Guma Moyo over the weekend.

In a bizarre incident, Lephalo, who is a well-known BDP activist pleaded to be included in the lineup of UDC’s Tati East candidate, Peter Kuchwe’s launch. The first thing Lephalo did when he took to the podium was to declare his political affiliation before lashing out at Moyo for failing the constituency since winning elections.

“Before addressing you, I want the electorates to clearly understand that I am a BDP card carrying member who once served as the councilor for Matsiloje. I am here to urge the electorates, regardless of their party affiliation, to vote UDC because the current MP has failed. When we voted him in the last general elections we thought that he would represent us well, after electing him he deserted the constituency,” Lephalo said.

Lephalo, who now serves as the Chairperson of Matsiloje Farmers Association, said Moyo only remembers the constituents during election time. “These kinds of politicians need to be punished for belittling the electorates,” he said.

Those close to Lephalo claimed that he attacked Moyo because he failed to support them during their trying times when their livestock was destroyed because of Foot and Mouth Disease outbreak three years ago. It is alleged that the MP never showed “We hardly saw him during those trying times despite the fact that he knew very well that his area was severely hit by FMD which left us impoverished,” said one of the electorates who attended the launch.

Reached for comment, BDP Francistown Region Chairperson, Ford Moiteela said as a card-carrying member, it was inappropriate for Lephalo to address the opposition launch. “If indeed he addressed the UDC launch, we will carry out investigations and call him for disciplinary hearing,” said Moiteela.

Moyo was doubtful that Lephalo could deliver an address in an opposition party event. “Maybe you want to drag Lephalo’s name on the mud just because I was not at the launch. But truly speaking, I do not want to believe what you allege because he is one of the loyal veterans who have served this party diligently for the past 30 years. So I will only believe what you are saying if I see proof,” Moyo said.