Blackberry Jam Tour Africa comes to Botswana

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Black berry users and gadgets lovers will be pleased to know that Botswana will host the Blackberry Jam Tour Africa. The Jam tour which has been hosted before in Egypt, Nigeria, Kenya and South Africa will be hosted for the first time in Botswana this Thursday, 25th April at Fairgrounds Holdings. The Blackberry Jam Tour Africa is an initiative where local developers and members from the Blackberry Developer Group can share experiences, knowledge, information and advanced mobile applications within the local developer community. The Jam is organized by the Blackberry Developer Group Botswana through Intellegere Holdings which is owned by developer and registered Blackberry vendor Itumeleng Garebatshabe. Garebatshabe is the first registered Motswana Blackberry application developer and was chosen as one of 7500 developers worldwide to be loaned a limited edition of the Blackberry 10 Alpha. The device was loaned to the 7500 developers so they could test any applications they designed for the BlackBerry10 which is yet to enter the local market. According to Garebatshabe, “It is important that young Batswana are exposed to new possibilities and learn new skills, which is why I found it key to bring this sort of forum to our city.”

He added that, “the BlackBerry Jam Tour Africa offers mobile app developers an opportunity to learn how to successfully develop and launch some apps for the new BlackBerry 10 platform. The Jam is an intensive day of learning and sharing BlackBerry 10 skills. Beginner or master mobile app developers will benefit from this programme of in-depth talks, covering HTML5 + , BlackBerry® WebWorksTM and Native C/C++ development for the BlackBerry 10 platform. Throughout the day, developers will be able to interact with some of BlackBerry’s top experts, who will be on hand to provide guidance, tips and tricks to help developers get started with building amazing, quality apps for the BlackBerry 10 platform.” The all day event is expected to start in the morning with pre- sentations led by BlackBerry United Kingdom Senior Business Development Manager Lelany Sommers and Senior Application Development Consultant Michael Wetzel (Africa).