BMC squad clouded by uncertainty

BMC’s playing staff is facing an anxious wait to know their fate at the club after reports of a possible merge with Extension Gunners have left the squad uncertain about where they will end up. The anxiety has led to a tense and unstable environment among the playing squad, a source has revealed.

“The players are often urged to forget about playing for the club because they will be discarded. They have been distracted by such rumours; I can assure you that the players are unhappy. They have lost focus,” said an insider, who also hinted that the environment has also led rival clubs to approach most of the club’s players.

Chairman Daroush Ghodrati was reportedly in attendance during Gunners’ 1-0 victory over Mochudi Centre Chiefs at the National Stadium earlier this month and this has escalated speculation that a deal between the Ghodrati’s and Gunners is imminent.

Earlier this month reports emerged that the Ghodrati family, which owns BMC FC, were interested in buying a controlling stake at Gunners. Negotiations between the two are on hold after Gunners refused to dismantle their management team to pave way for a team that suits the Ghodratis’ liking.
Information reaching this publication states that BMC players are aware that their team could be merged with Gunners and most of the playing staff could find themselves as free agents. Gazette Sport is reliably informed that eight BMC players have been targeted to move to Gunners once the merge is completed.

Players such as Tshepo Motlhabankwe, Amos Godirwang, Boitshoko Zikhale, Sageby Sandaka, Tshepo Maikano, Kago Segokgo, Kemmy Pilato and Moshe Gaolaolwe have been earmarked to make the switch to Gunners if the deal is successful.

The BMC coaching staff is also set to part ways with the club at the end of May. The technical team of Daniel ‘Chicco’ Nare (head coach), Nelson Olebile (assistant coach), Tirafalo Mogorosi (goalkeeper coach) and Donald Mopako (kit manager) were given a three month notice in March due to unsatisfactory results. The technical team was informed that a restructuring of their department will occur during the post season.

Nare refused to give an insight on the issue, referring this reporter to the team manager, Nelson Radijeng. “I am not in a position to answer any questions, the team manager handles such matters. I can only take the blame for the team’s position in the league; I take full responsibility for the team’s shortcomings this season,” said Nare.
Reached for comment, Radijeng confirmed that the coaching department has received notices but stated that they could be allowed to apply for the posts once they are advertised.
“The technical team was given a three month notice because a restructuring is on the cards. They are welcome to apply for the jobs again if they meet the requirements set by the club. We are planning to create a development side and most of them could be deployed there,” said the BMC team manager.

Radijeng also shared on the reported unhappiness of the players saying, “The players should concentrate on playing football and recording good results. If it happens that the clubs merge then they have to prove themselves worthy of being retained. Whatever is discussed at board level does not concern them,” Radijeng concluded.

Gazette Sport has been informed by numerous sources that the club has no clear management structure in place; it has no vice chairman, no secretary and no public relations department.
Meanwhile, former chairman Sonny Phiri’s faction has served BMC with documents that represent an appeal to the High Court ruling that gave the Ghodrati family control of the club. Therefore another court case is looming for the club towards the end of the season.
BMC will face Uniao Flamengo Santos and Motlakase at the New Lobatse Stadium in the next two weeks as they aim to avoid relegation.