BNF, BNFYL still fussing over Malema’s visit

The saga of continues in the curious disagreement issue that has arisen over Julius Malema’s visit to Botswana for the Botswana National Fronts’s part congress in June. Media reports have suggested that a comprise has been reached yet the party’s youth league and the party itself appear to have a different understanding as to what the compromise actually entailed.



A statement signed by Mohwasa and the youth league secretary general reads; “the Botswana National Front greatly regrets the recent controversy surrounding the entitlement of the youth league to engage with Julius Malema. While the party appreciates the right of the youth league to engage with individuals and speakers representing different viewpoints and skills sets in consonance with the party’s vision and values, it is important for the party to uphold and respect longstanding bilateral relationships with fraternal organisations. In these regards, the party has resolved, at a meeting held between the leadership of the party led by President Duma Boko, his deputy,Same Bathobakae and the party Publicity secretary, Moeti Mohwasa and the youth league that the youth league was entitled to hold a private session with Julius Malema of which the session shall not be part of the official business of the congress to be held on 1-2 June 2013.”



Meanwhile, a BNFYL statement released on the 18th May by the party’s secretary for political education,Malatsi Mokhubami contradicts the position of the party’s statement. It reads; “The BNF youth league takes this opportunity to offi cially inform BNF members throughout the country and the public at large that Comrade Julius Malema will take the podium as the guest speaker in a private session on the 1st of June immediately after the official opening. The private session referred to in a statement signed by our youth league secretary general Arafat Khan and BNF spokesperson Moeti Mohwasa is part of the official agenda of the congress and it should not be confused to a non political meeting.” Mohwasa said Malema’s visit was not part of the congress business.



“After meeting the youth league we released a statement which I signed together with Arafat Khan. That’s the only statement we issued out to avoid confusion and uncertainty. That is the party’s position, Malema will never be part of the congress business from 1-2 June,” he said.On the other hand Khan said, “We have been mandated as the BNF youth league central committee to run the affairs of the youth league. We are responsible for the agenda of the congress and as such we will not take an instruction from anyone on who to put and we do not want any interference from anyone.” Khan further said they asked Mohwasa to amend the last part of the statement which read; “Malema shall not be part of the official business of the congress to be held on 1-2 June 2013” after the party president left but Mohwasa refused. Mohwasa said there was no how he could agree with that because it was a position agreed between the party president, him and Khan which they all signed.