BNFYL Selala team supports Boko for another three-year term

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The Botswana National Front Youth League (BNFYL,) headed by its vice president, Tona Selala, has declared its support for BNF President Duma Boko ahead of the party’s congress, scheduled for Ghanzi in May. Speaking at a meeting in Gaborone on Sunday, the group, which goes by the name, Selala Team, declared its support for Boko for another three- year- term.


According to the lobby’s coordinator, Olebogeng Kemelo, their decision was influenced by the good leadership that Boko had shown. “We still need his effort in the party,” he stressed. “We have seen a lot of improvement in the past three years that he has been president. We do not believe that whoever challenges him can do any better,” he said, adding that they did not know if anyone would challenge Boko. said Boko has set a good record in terms of bringing the members of the party together.


He has done well to ensure that the party structures are in place; he has also represented the party well at home and abroad,” he enthused.


They proposed the following candidates for the youth league positions: Selala, who is currently vice president and a councillor for Thamaga, will contest the youth league presidency. Kagiso Thutlwe, a former University of Botswana Student Representative Council president, will stand for the vice president position. The outspoken Arafat Khan will defend his secretary general position; Kedibonye Batlang will stand for the treasurer position; Thato Motsamai, the administrative secretary position; Marang Orora, for the Women Affairs position; Velem Heli for the Political Affairs seat; Joram Matomela, who is a lawyer, will stand for the Legal Affairs position; while Maokaneng Bontshetse will contest the International Affairs seat and Bahenyi Ntswakae the Labour Affairs Office. BNF spokesperson, Moeti Mohwasa, declined to comment on the youth league’s stated support for Boko.