Boko, Ndaba grill government

Umbrella for Democratic Change President Duma Boko has accused government of hiding behind privatisation instead of dealing with the root cause of inefficiencies in Parastatals.
Speaking at Ndaba Gaolatlhe’s launch as UDC candidate for Bonnington South Constituency, Boko said government was obsessed with the term privatization as they used it whenever there were inefficiency in parastatals. “What are we privatising? Who are we privatising for? And what have we privatised so far by the way? We are dealing with facts not fiction. There has been an attempt to privatise Botswana Telecommunication Corporation. Each new manager would engage their own consultants and these consultancies would recommend downsizing” he said.
Boko said the retrenched are being made to pay for the bad decisions taken by their CEOs and the board.

“The board that governs BTC  is made up of  people appointed by the government, some of them are appointed from the private sector. The decision making process in these boards takes too long because the decision makers are not empowered to make decisions. Instead of the government finding the root cause of the problems, they rush to use the magic word privatisation. We want representatives’ empowerment that will able to understand these issues,” Boko said.

Launching Gaolathe, Boko called on Bonnington South residents to ‘Do Ntuane a favour’ and remove him from parliament and replace him with Gaolathe saying Ntuane had lost his, “brief moment of lucidity.”

Ndaba Gaolathe also had a go at Government accusing it of  refusing to serve its people. “Here is a Government that does not believe that if our indigenous foods, technologies and resources were marshaled creatively, we would create prosperity unparalleled during our lifetime. Here is a Government that has, for some reason, lost the capacity to plan and coordinate large infrastructure projects that our economy so desperately needs.  Here is a Government that has instilled fear among its people.   This is not right.  We can do better than this.  We can do much better than this as people, and as a nation,” he added.

He continued, “In recent times, our country began to conspicuously veer off course. The sense that we were regressing and not building on our successes crept in, as the reality was that of an administration that no longer had room for fairness, or excellence.  Here is a Government that does not believe in the potential of our people, here is a Government that creates no space for our citizens to express their talents.  Here is an administration that has planted bad blood between itself and our civil service,” said Gaolathe