BOPEU stops BOFEPUSU subscriptions

The Botswana Public Employees Union (BOPEU) has rescinded membership subscriptions to Botswana Federation of Public Sector Unions (BOFEPUSO). This is despite the union’s vehement public denial of several reports to the same effect.

The decision by BOPEU to stop paying subscription to umbrella union BOFEPUSU, is said to be a heated one at the union with some members saying the president is in defiance of Resolution 3 of the previous congress which reads thus, “ BOPEU should continue with the affiliation subscription paid to BOFEPUSU.”

BOPEU Spokesperson Emmanuel Tlale confirmed this and  added that it was the congress which makes  the  decision  to stop payment of subscription, “ The governing council looked at various issues, and it was decided  then  that subscriptions be temporarily suspended pending the congress where the final decision will be made.”

While some lingering allegations are that BOPEU is pro-government and BOFEPUSU pro-opposition, hence the conflict and  reason behind the temporary suspension, Tlale disagreed, “ BOPEU could not continue paying subscriptions without an audit. Our members set a standard of auditing of books and we can not afford to bend from that,” he said, adding that BOFEPUSU books have not been audited since 2012.

“ Also, BOFEPUSU has been very hostile to BOPEU. An example is May Day commemorations; for the few past years BOPEU has been commemorating the day alone because BOFEPUSU would have shared the details very late resulting in us failing to participate and having ours alone,” he said. “ We do not have a problem with BOFEPUSU. As BOPEU we have set standards and we have to abide by them.”