BVF to prioritize indoor environment

The Botswana Volleyball Federation has taken steps to match their international counterparts and raise the standard of volleyball in the country. Indoor fixtures have been prioritized by the local federation in a bid to resemble the playing environment of other countries.

Daniel Molaodi, the BVF president, confirmed the development during the Mascom Volleyball League launch last week Thursday. He mentioned that outdoor fixtures will only take place on week five and will be held at SSKB.

The BVF stated that the use of indoor venues will be a common feature in the league; they are planning to emulate other African and European countries whose league and international games take place in indoor facilities.

BVF’s Sports Development Officer, Mission Mereyotlhe echoed the president’s sentiments during an interview with Gazette Sport. “We want to match the standards of other countries. We are applying what we learned from our overseas ventures,” Mereyotlhe stated.

Many have argued that playing most games in outdoor venues exposes players to severe heat conditions. Botswana’s World Cup Qualifying campaign shortcomings were linked to fatigue and other factors. Balls used in outdoor and indoor matches are different as well as the surface so players often have difficulties when facing opponents who are accustomed to indoor venues.

BDF VI coach Selebatso Mabutho has been a prominent supporter of the usage of indoor venues for the past few years. He informed this reporter that he is satisfied by the BVF’s decision to prioritize indoor venues.

“I have long suggested this kind of development for years. Our volleyball will improve a lot if we match what other countries are doing. This is a welcomed development. Outdoor venues affect players because players struggle to concentrate during sunny days,” Mabutho explained, adding that heat influences a player’s performance in a negative way.

Meanwhile, he mentioned that they are planning to approach league sponsors Mascom about the possibility of extending their current two year deal which is scheduled to conclude at the end of the season.