Conflict of interest at DPP?

The State’s alleged dragging of feet in bringing the Director General of the Directorate of Intelligence and Security, Isaac Kgosi to book in his multiple alleged corruption offences has lead to suspicions in legal circles that there is possible conflict of interest. The Director of Public Prosecutions (DPP) Leornard Sechele is a former legal adviser to the DIS and it is alleged by sources that he might have been aware of some of the questionable deals that were investigated by Directorate on Corruption and Economic Crime (DCEC).

Kgosi was in 2012 investigated by the DCEC and his docket was allegedly handed over to Sechele. There is speculation that the DPP Director is now caught in the middle as he is in no position to prosecute Kgosi.

A legal expert who did not want to be named as he feared for his safety was skeptical that there was any action that Sechele could take against Kgosi. “There is a question whether the current DPP director would prosecute Kgosi in the light of his previous association with the DIS. Some of the questionable transactions were agreements between the DIS and other parties,” he said.

The DCEC though insists that the case docket was never handed over to DPP, “there are assertions that the investigations have been completed and the docket handed over to DPP. This is not true.” the DCEC director said recently when addressing a media delegation that she had summoned to discuss media reports on the case.

Since his appointment at the DPP in 2010, Sechele has never prosecuted a single case though registered a corruption case against the Vincent Tina Seretse in 2012. The case is still before the court. Sechele’s contract is expires sometimes this year.

When contacted for comment, Sechele told this journalist to just go ahead and publish whatever she heard about him. “Please I would request not to comment in anything that you wish to publish. Just go ahead and publish whatever information you have. After all it is your job,” said Sechele.