DCEC boss’ life in danger?

The Botswana Gazette  understands the Director General Directorate of Corruption and Economic Crime Rose Seretse’s feels her life is under threat because of some high profile cases DCEC  is investigating.VIP protection is normally the responsibility of the Directorate on Intelligence and Security Services (DIS).

A highly placed source in government has revealed that a security detail from the commando division of the Botswana Defence Force BDF was detailed to provide her with round the clock security since  February 2012 . The source declined to say which high profile case was under investigation at the time saying only that,  “le a itse gore ke mang (you know who it is).”

The source also claims that on one occasion Seretse’s life was in immediate danger and only  “good intelligence work resulted with protection getting arranged at just the right time as it was established that her life was in imminent danger. This was in the early days of an investigation and the source believes  the suspect thought he could end “ the investigations through intimidation.”  It is believed that Seretse was aware of the threats but refuted allegations that her life was ever in danger or that she has body guards.

“I do not have any body guards and I have never had any. Let me tell you that the almighty God is my body guard, ” she said in  a written response to a questionnaire.
Nevertheless another source from the  BDF Military Intelligence has dismissed Seretse’s denials and corroborated the allegations made by the other source. “Seretse is bound by the rules not to admit to protection. It is standard procedure” the source said.


The Botswana Gazette also undestands  that the two players in the spy equipment saga, Brigadier General Peter Magosi and former spy, Sergeant Dzikamani Mothobi also have protection from Military Intelligence because they claim their life are in danger.

It is alleged that Mothobi is so fearful for his life that he has refused to be transferred from Military Intelligence to the anti-poaching unit.  According to the source, the transfer was made two weeks ago soon after the Attorney General dropped charges against him and Magosi in the spy equipment saga.

Mothobi is allegedly refusing the transfer as he fears for his life. “He is scared that he might be ‘killed by poachers’ ” the source said.