Discovery Metals produces high metal in June

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Discovery Metals Limited (DML), a copper and silver concentrate producer from its 100 per cent owned major asset, the Boseto Copper Project in north-west Botswana has announced that in the month of June, copper production increased 14 per cent and silver production improved 8 per cent over the May performance. In a statement issued on Friday, the company recorded metal production of 1, 952 tonnes of contained copper and 81, 380 ounces of contained silver compared to 1, 713 tonnes of copper and 75, 348 ounces of silver in May.


“This makes up an overall copper recovery of 87.4 per cent and silver recovery of 84 per cent. This was the highest monthly metal production figure from the Boseto Copper Project to date and continues the planned production improvement. Further production improvement is anticipated in July,” the statement stated.