Domboshaba trust bemoans financial constraints

FRANCISTOWN: Domboshaba Cultural Trust (DCT) Coordinator, Chigedzi Chinyepi has attributed low turnout of the annual Domboshaba cultural festival to financial constraints.

The coordinator revealed in reaction of the low turnout at the weekend event that while their intention is to achieve a well-organized annual festival, financial constraints have always been a limitation. The coordinator said while people expect a lot from the annual cultural festival, lack of volunteerism and financial constraints always frustrate the preparations of the annual cultural festival. “Our trust relies on volunteers, some of them do not turn up for meetings making our work very difficult because we cannot force volunteers to attend meetings. If they fail to attend our meetings there is nothing we can do,” lamented Chinyepi.

The coordinator further decried lack of participation by the Bakalanga youth adding that this derails their efforts to come up with new initiatives that can develop and grow the annual festival. Chinyepi said though they encourage the youth to join the Trust, they drag their feet. “We encourage the youth to join so that they can bring new initiatives but not many have come through yet,” maintained the coordinator, further encouraged the youth to join the trust and promisingthem it would enhance their appreciation of the Kalanga culture.