Focus on the small business

As Botswana edges closer to becomingthe diamond centre of theworld, it is becoming all the moreimportant to develop professionalism bothin and out of the workplace.Established in January 2013, The Art ofEtiquette (Pty) Ltd provides training foremployees to enable them build solid, productiveand professional relationships thatprepare both individuals and companies toprovide excellent service delivery throughinternationally accepted norms of behaviour.The company’s spokesperson, OliviaBritz said what motivated The Art of Etiquette– from work and personal experience,is that they had identifi ed a ‘niche’ inthe market for this type of training.


“We area training consultancy that has just recentlybeen accredited by BOTA (BotswanaTraining Authority). We offi cially startedin January 2013 and since then we havebeen working on our marketing strategyand establishing a client portfolio. To date,we have run a few workshops for privatecompanies. We will have our fi rst publicworkshop in mid-September,” said Britz.It aspires to distinguish itself as Botswana’sfi rst in business and disability etiquettetraining facility by introducing andrefreshing individuals’ awareness and helpthem better connect in business settings byreinforcing accepted norms and standardsfor the modern world in a fun and interactivetraining environment.


The company currently offers two effectiveand highly interactive trainingworkshops: Business Etiquette – this aimsto teach not just the technical side of abusiness, but how to conduct oneself inthe company of others and; Disability Etiquette- the aim of this training is to helpintegrate people with or without disabilitiesinto all aspects of the workplace andthe society at large. Sensitivity towardspeople with disabilities is very crucial. Ithelps you better serve your customers ordevelop your audience.Britz said that, “today, more than ever,good manners mean good business andfi rst impressions are and always will be thelasting impressions.


Our training will helpemployees to handle daily situations thatare essential to professional and personalsuccess, from making long lasting contactsto winning clients and closing deals.” Britznoted that their target audience is everyonein or out of the workplace, adding that theirworkshops leave one feeling empoweredand confi dent.She said the fees for enrolment vary andthere is a pricing guideline.As for the company’s future prospects,Britz highlighted that; “In Botswana, andindeed all over the world, the workplaceis certainly becoming increasingly morecompetitive. Knowing how to behave canmake the difference between getting aheadand getting left behind. Etiquette trainingis a must for all staff and makes everyonefeel comfortable in various settings withinand outside the workplace.”Britz further noted that the training hasnumerous potential benefi ts to organisationsincluding increased productivity,creativity and opportunity, and enhancedemployee relations.