Francistown artists implored to take themselves seriously

FRANCISTOWN: Francistown West Member of Parliament Ignatius Moswaane has called on Francistown artists to take themselves and their work seriously.
Moswaane, who was speaking the awards organized to honor Francistown artists on Saturday, said artists should not expect to be given priority and recognition when they are not thorough in the first place. “The mayor can agree to support local artists by all means and I can also jump on board but you turn out to disappoint us, which consequently make people loose trust in you. If you want to get to the next level, you should start doing things differently, learn to be responsible and act like professionals all the times,” he said.

Moswaane vowed to continue supporting local artists and also criticized the Francistown business community for not supporting local artists, saying they should give back to the community regardless of cultural and religious differences.

Also speaking at the event, Francistown City Mayor Sylvia Muzila applauded the awards and pledged her support through the council. “This has been a clear indication that you do not seek only financial assistance, but sometimes all you need is a pat on the back to continue doing the great job you are doing. As the council we shall continue supporting this annual activity and help Francistown artists grow,” she said.