Innovative tracking aims to fight crime

As the rate of gadgets and other electronicvaluables’ theft escalates, thecoming in of Innovative Tracking,a company that tracks and recovers stolenitems might just be a perfect answer tomany. The company deals with theft recovery,data protection and inventory managementwhere every pieces of a certain devicecan be tracked.Innovative Tracking, the brainchild of ayoung innovative Emmanuel Motlhatlhediwho graduated with a Bachelor of Sciencein Engineering from Kwazulu Natal in SouthAfrica, Innovative tracking has been giventhe exclusive international distributor licencefor mobile gadgets for the Southern AfricanDevelopment Community (SADC) region.


“Innovative Tracking also has partnershipswith Extreme Trackers in South Africa andan electronics tracking company in Europe.The system tracks the location of the goodsfrom all over the world,” Motlhatlhedi said.He said his concern about theft was the reasonwhy he established a tracking company.The Oodi native said he obtained statisticsfrom the Botswana Police Service whichshow that 90 per cent of stolen laptops andcellphones are never recovered. “As I embarkedon the research, some of the solutionsI got were not enough to be able to addressthe situation,” he said.He said that there has been a positive responsefrom the market and he is currentlyworking with law enforcement to complementhis service. “We have also set appointmentwith mobile operators and other cellphonere-sellers.


They have shown a lot ofconcern in their customers losing the gadgets.They gave us a platform to do presentationsto come-up with packages suitable for theirclients. The corporate world has respondedmuch towards the inventory management,”he said.Innovative Tracking offers individual/familypackages and corporate packages. Withcellphone tracking, one can amongst othersdetermine its physical location regardless ofwhether it is on or off. In the laptop tracking,there is data protection and theft recoverywhere Innovative Tracking can freeze, deleteor retrieve data from a computer even if it isnot in the owner’s control. Using Intel Anti-Theft technology, it can lock down the deviceand prevent the OS from booting. It monitorscomputer movement and identify suspiciousbehaviour before it is too late.


They can alsotrack Plasma TVs, cars and pets.Innovative Tracking charges a registrationfee of P90 and a monthly subscription fee ofP75. Registration fee for corporate packageis P350 for more than ten gadgets for a year.“The research has shown that most stolenphones are contract based; we therefore providetraining to the IT departments of corporatecompanies so that they are able to do thecontrols for themselves at their respective offices,” added Motlhatlhedi.Innovative Tracking anticipates a brightfuture as it aims to spread its wings acrossthe country and other countries. “We hope toopen eight branches in major towns acrossthe country and others in SADC countries in3-6 months as there is high product demandas well,” he added. Innovative Tracking alsorepairs and is currently contracted with GameStore and Cash Crusaders for repair of theirproducts. The company is also a certifi edACER re-seller.