KBL supports Somarelang Tikologo’s educational campaigns

Kgalagadi Beverages Trust (KBT) and Kgalagadi Breweries Limited (KBL) have donated P129, 000 to Somarelang Tikologo to support its educational campaigns and environmental conservation efforts.

Speaking at the ceremony to handover the cheque last week, KBL Corporate Communications Manager, Mokoro Ketsitlile said they are guided by their long-term sustainable development priorities that are critical aspects that inform the ways in which they conduct their business.
“Being part of SABMiller, sustainable development at KBL continues to be driven by our sustainable development strategy, Prosper, that also commits to a shared aspiration of ‘A Clean World.’ Prosper, is our latest approach to sustainable development and a key element of SABMiller’s business strategy. At its heart is supporting small businesses and organisations to play a part in generating economic growth and reducing poverty,” he said.

Ketsitlile said like SABMiller, KBL and KBT strive to leverage on partnerships with stakeholders such as Somarelang Tikologo to drive inclusive growth, the sustainable use of resources, and responsibility at various levels of exchange with the public, and in this case, in terms of raising awareness of environmental conservation whilst also taking tangible and practical measures to support the activities and campaigns of local NGOs and conservation bodies, wherever possible.

He noted that they continue to invest and enable efforts by organisations such as Somarelang Tikologo who lead in environmental conservation efforts because they have recognized that the management of post-consumer waste is a growing problem that has scant resources and few sponsors.

“We are most delighted to have been able to assist Somarelang Tikologo in the refurbishment of the recycling drop-off centre to enable the residents of Gaborone to recycle waste.  This donation will also help Somarelang Tikologo to launch their campaign to raise public awareness, train Batswana in the use of waste materials to manufacture crafts for sale, and finally, to form a recycling forum,” he said.

Ketsitlile commended Somarelang Tikologo for their commitment and dedication to environmental conservation as well as their inclusive and collective approach to ensuring that the responsibility towards environmental care belongs to all, from Government to corporates, and all the way down to all communities and stakeholders in Botswana. This is why we continue to invest and enable efforts by caring organisations such as Somarelang Tikologo who lead in environmental conservation efforts.
Somarelang Tikologo board chairperson, Eagilwe Segosebe said Botswana used to be regarded as one of the dirtiest countries in the world but that view changed after the establishment of Somarelang Tikologo. He said the organisation was founded to give Botswana a different view about development and to bring long term benefits.