Kgosimore’s appointment as BAA CEO on the cards

Botswana Sports Commission’s (BNSC) Business Development Director Thato Kgosimore, a man who for the past two years has held the position of acting Chief Executive Officer of the Sports Commission is reportedly set to take the CEO role at the Botswana Athletics Association, Gazette Sport understands.
Following the announcement of former Sports director in the Ministry of Youth Sports and Culture, Falcon Sedimo as the latest to head the BNSC last month, Kgosimore has since been relegated to his role as Director in the business development despite seemingly ‘fitting’ in the role.

However, sources at the BNSC have let it slip that Kgosimore is bound for the BAA post. Recently the BAA gave a ‘thumps up’ to the BNSC’s move to appoint a Chief Executive Officer to help in the day to day running of the association.

A motion which was suggested at the BAA Ordinary General meeting was said to be hailed by a large number of the association’s top brass and vice chairman Glody Dube was quoted saying, “the move will help BAA to grow, currently we run the association as volunteers and that makes it difficult to deliver on some of the projects.”

Rendering from sources close to the developments, Kgosimore’s time as chief of the local sports governing body was a success and proved that he had the capabilities of leading such an organization.

“He (Kgosimore) did himself proud during his short stint as acting BNSC Chief, I thought at some point that he was going to be appointed as the new CEO but unfortunately, the eyes of the leadership of the commission were set on Sedimo and KK (Kitso Kemoeng, who is now CEO at the Botswana Football Association),”said the informer.

“The time he left the office; the BAA then adopted the motion of the association in need of a CEO and since then Kgosimore was the target and the decision had much to do with the BNSC,” he ended.
Reached for comment President of the BAA, Moses Bantsi could not rule out the possibility of seeing the former acting BNSC CEO lead his association but stressed that they were in serious need of someone to fill the post.

“I think it was maybe a coincidence that immediately after Kgosimore stepped down, we announced that we were in need of a CEO, but what I can say is that people should wait until the post is advertised,” gave Bantsi.

“What we intend to have is not just the CEO but we are in need of an independent secretariat which we believe will help in the growth of our association as a whole. At the moment we already have a structure in place but it is unfortunate that it cannot be implemented at the moment because of lack of funds,” ended the athletics leader.