Koko extends Rollers contract

Township Rollers wingerSekhana Koko has signed anew two year contract extension.The player’s previous contractwas coming to an end beforePopa extended his stay. The playerhas attracted interest from abroad,other local clubs were also monitoringhis situation before he extendedhis Rollers contract.Koko had signed a one year dealat the beginning of last season. Hehas earned a two year deal with aclause which offers a possible oneyear extension. He confi rmed thedeal in an interview with GazetteSport.


He revealed that his newdeal will not hinder him from goingfor trials once the opportunuty presentsitself again.The player’s recent injury disruptedhis plans to undergo trialsin Europe. The 29 -year -old wingwizard is hopeful of rekindling hisEuropean hopes once he returns tofull fi tness.The former Mochudi CentreChiefs player was overseas in thepast week, fuelling speculation thathe had gone for trials in Europe’sScandinavia region. However, the2011 beMobile Premier LeaguePlayer of the Season admitted to beingin Europe last week but only forpersonal reasons.Nandos, as he is affectionatelyknown, is on the wanted list ofclubs in Denmark, Norway andSweden according to reports. Theplayer is currently nursing a toeinjury which prevented him fromtrying out for a few unnamed clubs.



Meanwhile, Koko told this publicationthat he is aware of interestfrom foreign leagues, stating that,“I am delighted to have signeda new contract, the club will notstand in my way if someone fromfrom abroad approaches me. Myagent informed me that a few Europeanclubs were interested in examiningme through trials. My injuryis healing well and I am close to fullfi tness. My agent will arrange everythingonce I am fully fi t.”He added that a return to top formnext season would also enhance hischances of moving abroad. “I amapproaching the fi nal stage of mycareer and it would be an honor tofi nish my playing days abroad,” hecontinued.


The speedy winger had an indifferentseason last term; his strugglefor top form affected his club asthey fi nished in eighth spot. DuringPopa’s last league triumph inthe 2010/11 season, Koko was instrumentalas he went on to winthe Player of the Season award.The winger scored 13 league goalsin the 2011/12 season despite hisclub’s failure to launch a serioustitle challenge.The club is now fi nanced by businessman,Jagdish Shar and Kokobelieves that the club is on the pathof recovery. “We should now tryto get Rollers back to where it belongs,fi ghting for trophies on allfronts,” he concluded.