Lack of consistency worries Ecco Coach

Distraught Ecco City Greens Head coach Atshele Molapi believes that failure by the team management to find replacements of the transferred players is the main factor which has brought inconsistency in the  team.

Molapi complained about this over the weekend after his side suffered a 2-1 defeat against Nico United which came from behind in the second half to secure three points. Molapi told Gazette Sports that though they lost some of their influential players such as speedy winger Patrick Lenyeletse and left winger Ontse Ntesa , they have not yet found their replacements. “When these players left during the last transfer window, I recommended some of the players whom I felt could  bolster my squad and fill the boots of those who left but unfortunately I did not succeed because management decried of   lack of funds. So if I am told that there is no money to bring experienced players, it affects my plans because the only option I am left with is to use existing ones to try new combinations.  Some of the combinations are not bearing any  fruits because the players are not used to these positions, compelling me to  change and try others, hence our inconsistency,” lamented Molapi.

Meanwhile, the Mamojadiski  coach said he was optimistic to secure the services of the players he wants and that the team will bounce back to its good form. “Football is all about getting results and it is quite frustrating  when we sometimes create lots of scoring opportunities but  fail to utilize them,’ he said, referring to their missed scoring opportunities against Nico which he said were  due to the players worrying mentality  that they cannot  win their home games.  “We are losing our home games because of this mentality. Even if we try to build confidence in them before the game, once their opponents score they lose that fighting spirit and give up.”