Ladies, Read!

There is a general concern among the public that the older generation are not a bunch of readers. There is also a saying that ‘if you want to hide something from a black person, put it in a book’. The importance of taking time to grab a book and read could not be emphasized enough by speakers at the 5th annual Women in Business and Leadership Conference held at the Gaborone Sun last week. Its aim was to create a platform for Batswana women from various economic sectors wearing their different social hats as business women and leaders in their own right to motivate and share experiences with other women.

Chief Executive Officer of Botswana Life Insurance, Catherine Lesetedi-Letegele, encouraged the lady guests to get into the habit of reading as it contributed to where she is.  “It does not have to be a big thick novel,” she said, “I usually read very small books which my husband usually teases me about, but I make sure that I read every day without fail, whether it is a book or a glossy Hollywood news magazine, I never go a day without reading.”

The directors of a 100% citizen-owned Afrimond Diamond and Jewelery Institution, a diamond dealer with polishing and cutting facilities, Todd Majaye and Ditshupo Maje who presented on opportunities for women in the Diamond industry, also urged the women to read so that they can be in the know about the general status of the economy for them to be able to identify where opportunities lie.

“Women, you do not read newspapers, so how and what would you know about the current environment of the diamond industry and other economic sectors?” Majaye asked the women in attendance, encouraging them to make efforts to be informed about current affairs by reading newspapers more frequently.

Maje, on the other hand, recommended a read for the ladies, Think and Grow Rich, by Napoleon Hill, a 1937 motivational personal-success self-help book meant to be applied by people to achieve success.

The speakers at the Women’s conference were mainly women that have reached exceptional achievements in their careers, sharing their experiences and expertise with other women. CEO of National Development Bank, Lorato Morapedi, Magdeline Mathiba-Madibela, Head of Gender Unit at Southern African Development Community, Boitshwarelo Lebang, manager of Corporate Communications at Botswana Development Corporation, Ratafina Donco from Centre of Development Enterprise and special guest Pria Hassan , managing Director of Women of Africa Investments from Durban, South Africa.