Land Policy to combat land selling

The current trend where Batswana apply to be allocated plots after selling their plots is expected to come to an end if the Land Policy which will be put before Parliament in July is passed. Speaking in Ramotswa recently, Minister of Lands and Housing Lebonaamang Mokalake said with the new land policy, people will not be allowed to sell their last piece of land. He said for those who own more than one piece of land, they can sell but should retain one piece. The Minister said transferring land ownership worsens land shortage problems because people sell and apply again hence a need to curb the practice. Mokalake was answering Ramotswa resident Nakedi Mokgosi, who had complained that people sell plots, especially those inherited from parents and pleaded with the Minister to do something about the situation.


Mokalake said Balete were selling more land than what is being allocated to them with 226 plots awarded and 312 changed hands in the 2010/ 2011 fi nancial year. In 2011/ 2012, a total of 339 plots were awarded in the area while 373changed ownership. Mokalake said they tried stopping change of ownership by disallowing it from May to December 2012, a move which was unconstitutional. “In the 5 months that people were allowed to change land ownership, we allocated 95 plots and 297 changed hands,” he said
The minister also announced that they have considered pleas by people especially those in the Gaborone to reserve land for locals. He said a quota system will be used in the new land policy reserving most of the land for locals. Residents also complained about shortage of land and asked to be given back their Kgale Farm which they lost to the Government.


On the issue, Mokalake said he had agreed with President Khama and Kgosi Mosadi Seboko to ask Balete to look for another farm which government would purchase to replace it. He said the Government could not give it back because it would be undermining the decision that was taken by court of law.