Lenyeletse reluctant to leave Ecco

FRANCISTOWN: Ecco CityGreens speedy winger PatrickLenyeletse has refuted reportslinking him to the beMobile PremierLeague’s new entrants Orapa United.Lenyeletse said his undying lovefor his team made him turn downlucrative and tempting offers fromthree beMobile league clubs.The former Boteti Young Fightersplayer has been instrumental toEcco’s impressive play was reportedto be in the wanted list of beMobilechampions Township Rollers, MochudiCentre Chiefs and the newlypromoted Orapa United. Despite theenticing offers from the rival teams,Lenyeletse vows to remain in Ecco’scolors next season.



He confi rmedthe interest from three teams butsaid that due to his love for Ecco heis not willing to leave. “I have beenapproached by these teams with appealingoffers but just because I amcommitted and love Ecco I am stillreluctant to sign. After these teamsapproached me I met with Eccomanagement and they also do notwant to lose me, so we have discussedthe issue and very soon theywill come back to me on the wayforward,” Lenyeletse told NorthCast in an interview.Though the lanky winger promisesto remain Ecco’s player, he saidshould he fail to reach an agreementwith his management that is whenhe will decide on his next move.



Theformer Boteti Young Fighters playeris still contracted to Ecco until December.Despite the teams trying to usethe withdrawal of Ecco’ sponsorshipas leverage, Lenyeletse said that hewill not be fooled by that becausethe team management is always updatingthem about all developmentsconcerning the status of club. “So Icannot be threatened by this issuebecause I know my stand and what Iwant in my career,” he said.Although he denied reports linkinghim to Orapa United inside sources revealedthat he is likely to take the offer ashe wants to relocate to where he grew up.



“He has not yet decided but should Eccofail to beat the offer from United he mighttake the latter’s offer”, said an insider whodid not want to be identifi ed.Ecco’s Secretary General Moses Jacksonconfi rmed that Lenyeletse is in thewanted list of the three teams and explainedthat his contract is running untilDecember this year. “It is true we havereceived the letters from these teams expressinginterest in opening negotiationswith the player so we do not know whichone will agree with him because he is stillcontracted to Ecco until December thisyear,” he said.