Madam Speaker, CKGR!

Dr Nasha is one remarkable lady. One actually does not have to read her book to know that she is a giant. She is another good example what we mean by ‘we want gender equality’.  She has been at the forefront in decision making in the society. Her first book (first because I believe more are coming) has great tales about her success, and failures and the difficulties encountered. I am proud to say I have read it. That I have read it may sound trivial. It is not. My generation is not keen on reading. A few ‘posts’ on Facebook and we think we know much to go around giving opinion there and there with our heads held high. Disgusting attitude! Back to Mma Nasha, going through her journey one would discern that the notion that it’s a tough thing’ to be a woman is not a joke. The challenges that you face are at times spirit crashing. I am proud to say she inspires me. But the inspiration goes beyond me. My sister is 13. She will soon be a woman. I have nothing but high hopes that one day she too becomes a giant like Mma Nasha is a reference that it can happen.

The book is an interesting read. She points out a lot of things throughout her life up to this far.  What bugs me is that people have focused much on the political side of it. Not that it is a wrong thing; in any case this is an election year so most people are bound to think in political terms most of the time. Mma Nasha has written at length about her struggles to push for women empowerment both politically and in other areas. Gender equality is much bigger than how many women do we have in parliament. Women make more than half the population of this country. Their participation cannot be limited to how many they are in parliament. It is not right to have more than half the population being underrepresented (for lack of a more appropriate word) in decision making. It is simply wrong. But nobody seems to be concerned with this. Which begs the question ‘’Where are you women?’’

Mma Nasha has been a cabinet minister throughout President Mogae’s tenure.  One of the issues that gave Rre Mogae a headache was the issue of Basarwa in CKGR. Rre Mogae was constantly at pains to explain Survival Intentional claims that Basarwa are being exploited in their own land. Mma Nasha was then the minister of Local Government and the issue fell right on her doormat. If there is a person who gave Mma Nasha headaches at that time it was one Roy Sesana. The omission of how she handled the issue, with daggers wherever she turned Roy Sesana and the FPK, opposition parties, citizens, local media and international media is quite outstanding to me. The issue deserved a chapter in there Madam Speaker. Or maybe it is just my thinking, that she did not write about it shows it is that insignificant!
Morena Monganja