Majwe Mine integral to Cut 8 project

Contract miner Majwe Mining has been hailed as a model employer and a critical player in delivery of Jwaneng Mine’s flagship Cut 8 project. This was said by Albert Milton, general manager of Jwaneng Mine, at Majwe Mining’s three years anniversary celebrations.

Majwe Mining was engaged as a joint venture partner to provide mine contracting services to Jwaneng Mine in the Cut 8 project, a key strategic imperative meant to extend the life span of the mine from 2024 to 2031. Launched in December 2010, the Cut-8 project will transform Jwaneng into one of the biggest open pit mines in the world. At P24 billion, it was the largest-ever single capital commitment in Botswana’s private sector. The investment includes all project capital, mining fleet capital, sustaining capital and all working costs for a period of over of 20 years. At completion the Cut-8 push back will have mined 658 million tons of waste and delivered 92 million tons of ore. Majwe Mining has a responsibility to move over 156 million bank cubic meters of waste material safely. The Cut 8 pit dimensions will be 2.4km long, 1.6km wide at surface and 624m deep.

Milton also lauded Majwe Mining as a model employer that increased its staff compliment from 650 when it commenced operations in 2011 to over 768 currently. The total workforce of Majwe and its main sub-contractors so far stands at over 1,200. For his part Rod Fraser, project director at Majwe Mining said the company is currently operating at unprecedented levels of mine production.

“We are very proud to bring new mining techniques, methodologies, systems and skills to Botswana. We have are committed to leaving a legacy of enhanced skills across the many aspects of mining operations and mining management to the greater benefit of Botswana,” he said.

He added that Majwe Mining has brought new work arrangements, including rosters and hours of work that align Botswana’s mining industry to international best practices.
“At Majwe Mining we are not just creating miners; we are creating contract miners. Contract miners sell a service that adds value to their clients. They carry out their work safely and efficiently; they cushion the client from business risk,” said Fraser.