Mamelodi resigns from the BPL

Botswana Premier League Chief Executive Officer Bennett Mamelodi has tendered his resignation amid controversial occurrences that have clouded the league body recently. Mamelodi submitted a resignation letter to BPL vice chairman Monnakgotla Mojaki yesterday (Monday).

This publication has established that Mamelodi was frustrated by numerous issues that he felt were never addressed properly, he was also made a ‘scapegoat’ at times when the BPL faced challenging situations.

Observers revealed to this publication that Mamelodi was an unwanted figure in the BPL as some of the so called big clubs in the beMobile Premier League had privately plotted his downfall. They had aimed to cease control of the league body during the BPL elections but Arnold Somolekae’s victory disabled them from carrying out their plan. The ‘big club cartel’ had expected one of their own to win the chairmanship race and ultimately axe Mamelodi.

Mamelodi’s contract with the BPL was set to end in November this year. During a previous interview with this publication, he had indicated that a contract renewal had not yet been discussed. His resignation, pending the Premier League board’s approval, will see him exit the BPL office five months before his term was scheduled to end.

Mojaki confirmed Mamelodi’s resignation in an interview with Gazette Sport. “I received his resignation letter this morning (Monday), he has announced his intension to depart the BPL. We will discuss this urgent occurrence internally to map a way forward. However, I want to note that the board has not yet accepted his resignation,” the BPL vice chairman stated.

BPL chairman,  Arnold Somolekae also confirmed Mamelodi’s resignation and hinted that a mass exodus of BPL executive committee members could take place. He stated that resignations at board level should be anticipated, further proving unrest within the BPL.

Reached for comment, Mamelodi refused to discuss reasons why he resigned but stated that he would only explain further after meeting the BPL board of governors. “I will make further comments on this matter in due course,” he briefly stated.

He joined the BPL in 2012 in the CEO capacity, he had previously worked with the BPL as a consultant.