Mater Spei celebrates 50th anniversary

FRANCISTOWN: Despite being in existence for 50 years, Mater Spei College’s journey has not been an easy one, having  faced challenges in upholding their brand since the school’s establishment in 1963.

Last week Friday marked the 50th anniversary of the missionary founded school where  the school leadership and students voiced out challenges they encountered in upholding their rich tradition of secondary education  in the North of the country. “Since its establishment, Mater Spei has been characterized by peace, as well as a riding  the wave of success in the pursuit to be a leader in producing educational cadres of repute both nationally and internationally. So even today ,we want this institution to carry on this brand that has been created over  the many years of existence because branding takes a long time to align with trends that prevail with  the times, ”observed Chief Executive Officer of Botswana Chamber of Mines Charles Siwawa when officiating at the celebration.


Siwawa, a former Mater Spei College student himself, noted that over the  years, the school has managed its brand exceptionally well as many parents and students across the country make the school  their first point of call when considering secondary education.

“To create a brand that is so enviable across the country requires resources, dedication and commitment. It is not only about the pass mark but molding of students into future leaders.

This college now has a brand that it can sell to the community at large and the creation of this brand means the right input from the teachers, students and parents,” said Siwawa, adding that the brand should be maintained for the betterment of the school.


The CEO of Chamber of Mines said that whilst one can argue the fluctuation in terms of students’ behavior and attitudes, the yester years were less littered with negative behavior that is currently displayed by the students of today.

“Unlike us, there is a tendency to vandalize school property without due consideration to the coming generations that may also want to enjoy the same facilities,” lamented Siwawa, pleading with the current students to refrain from the practice as it tarnishes the image of the school.

For his part, the School head Jabulani Munyere decried that while parents should be at the forefront of disciplining students, they are reluctant to attend consultation meetings.


“The school alone cannot maintain discipline in students so I plead with parents to work cooperatively with teachers in order to discuss challenges we encounter daily. We have observed that since the beginning of this year,  Parents Teachers Association (PTA)  meeting attendance has declined ,and this is not good because we have to come up with solutions together with parents,” stressed the school head.