MDC resolutions on the recently held national elections

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The MDC National Councilmet and debated extensivelyon the electionheld on 31 July 2013.The National Council resolved:1. The MDC totally rejects the31 July elections on the basis of(a) the process (b) the absence ofreforms2. From the evidence available,discounting all omissionsand commissions the MDC wonthat election3. The MDC thanks and acknowledgesthe AU and SADCmissions in this regard at their requestwill submit a dossier of allthe irregularities and illegalities4.


The fraudulent and stolenelection has plunged Zimbabweinto a Constitutional, political andeconomic crisis. In this regard,the MDC expects that the SADCand AU shall meet urgently todeal with this crisis in order to restoreConstitutional, political andlegal legitimacy in the country5. The MDC calls for a forensicaudit of the electoral processin particular the voters roll,the ballot papers and where theywere printed, the special vote,voter displacement, voter registrationcertifi cates.6. Further, the MDC nationalcouncil resolved that the SADCOrgan Troika must investigate therole of the security sector and themilitarization of the election7.


The MDC national councilnoted with great concern thefrog-marching, captivity and oppressionof the rural populationthrough the abuse of traditionalleaders and the high incidences ofassisted votersMDC resolutions on the recently held national elections8. Given the illegality of thiselection, the MDC national councilresolved that it will not legitimizeinstitutions created by anillegal election and therefore willnot engage in institutions of government9. The MDC is determined topursue peaceful, legal, political,constitutional and diplomaticremedies to resolve the currentcrisis10. The MDC national councilresolved that once all remedieshave been exhausted, thepeople of Zimbabwe shouldbe allowed a fresh opportunityto freely and fairly electa government of their choice.In this regard, a credible, free,fair and legitimate election mustbe held as soon as possible.