Minister Maele’s Troubles Run Deep


The troubled Minister of Land Management, Water and Sanitation Services, Prince Maele’s woes seem to be far from over. This publication has uncovered information that Lerala village Chief, Sello Moroka and a delegation of his headmen recently met with vice president, Mokgweetsi Masisi to report Maele and another Botswana Democratic Party (BDP) Councillor, Kabo Ketshogile’s shenanigans in the constituency.
It has also surfaced that the Directorate on Corruption and Economic Crime (DCEC) is running an additional corruption investigation into allegations that Maele is influencing and orchestrating unfair transfers of public officers within his Ministry. The DCEC has confirmed that it is currently investigating Maele on allegations of money laundering, worth in excess of P300 000 through cattle.
However, when asked about the fresh investigations on the transfers this week, the corruption busting agency Spokesperson, Phakamile Kraii said “as per the DCEC, Corruption and Economic Crime Act (CECA) we are not at liberty to divulge any information on any ongoing investigations.”
This publication has turned up information that the DCEC has interviewed sources in relation to the allegations, including Lerala village chief and his headmen. In a brief interview with this publication the Chief, Moroka, confirmed fielding questions from DCEC officials.
“What do you want to know about this? All I can say is that it is true that I recently received some people from the DCEC who questioned me on some issues relating to Minister Maele and it was   in relation to transfers of public officers if I remember well,” he said.
The chief further confirmed to this publication that they as Bogosi, recently met with Vice-president Masisi on a number of issues concerning Maele’s and another BDP politician- Councillor Ketshogile’s conduct.
“Vice-president Mokgweetsi Masisi welcomed us and the meeting went well. He promised us that he will engage Maele on the issue and further promised to address some of our issues,” responded Kgosi Moroka who also owns mining licences in Lerala.
Asked about whether he knew of the meeting that took place concerning himself at the office of the president, Maele answered in the affirmative. “I am aware of the meeting. The Vice-president also called me post that meeting to share with me what was discussed in my absence. He concluded that I should go back to the tribal leadership so that we can iron out our differences,” said Maele.
The embattled Minister however dismissed DCEC alleged investigations saying he has not been told of any such new investigations by the DCEC. “Nobody has informed me of such an investigation from DCEC and I do not have authority over transfers, except over senior officials,” Maele responded.
Chief sues BDP Councillor.
In another case, Kgosi Moroka has successfully sued BDP councillor Ketshogile, whom he says has been on a systematic campaign to destroy him and “most importantly discredit the esteem with which he is held as Kgosi in the village”.
Moroka sued Ketshogile for harassment, aggressive behaviour and assault. Moroka was represented by Dumizweni Mthimkhulu Attorneys while Ketshogile was represented by Modimo and Associates attorneys.
In his court papers, Kgosi Moroka said in one of the meetings, at which he was attacked, he was at Lerala Kgotla with land board officials, headmen of arbitration and another Councillor from Lerala West. Moroka, goes on to explain that Ketshogile is in the habit of uttering derogatory and defamatory statements about him, hence his decision to bring the matter to Court. The Chief further demanded P150 000.00 for loss of dignity and respect as well as P600 000.00 for defamation.
The chief was granted a restraining order that barred Ketshogile from being within five meters of him. The BDP Councillor was further ordered to pay the cost of the suit.