Molefhi warns new Francistown stadium contractor

FRANCISTOWN: The Minister of Infrastructure, Science and Technology (MIST) Nonofo Molefhi has warned contractors engaged in refurbishing the new Francistown stadium against shoddy work as they could get blacklisted by government.

The new company, China Jiangsu which has been awarded the P120 million tender, was engaged following failure by Tuwana Construction Company to complete the new stadium. The multi-million pula facility should have been completed in 2010 but failed until the government terminated the Tuwana contract following delays.

Last week during a tour of the project, the minister expressed his concerns over substandard workmanship that afflicts most government projects. “Government reputation has been compromised by those who were initially engaged. So should you also do shoddy job your contract will never get a second chance in any government projects. Let this projects be your testimonial because good work can speak for you,” warned Molefhi.

The Minister further pleaded with the contractor to finish the project within the scheduled time. “For a long time this stadium has been a thorn economically and politically so we hope the contractor will honour the agreement made,” he noted.

The Project Manager James Tasthabi the alteration and refurbishment of the stadium which started in June April is expected to finish in 8th June 2015. “We are optimistic that the project will be complete because it is 50 percent complete. Further considering that we are a little bit ahead on time we are hopeful to finish within the exact time,” said optimistic Tasthabi.