Musa Ohilwe to join Slovakian side FC Nitra

BMC defender Musa Ohilwe ison the verge of joining Slovakianclub, FC Nitra, after theclub expressed interest in the playerlast month. The deal could be concludedearlier next month once his currentclub’s ownership saga is resolved.The player was expected to travel toEurope last week to undergo medicaltests but the transfer has been temporarilyshelved while the Lobatse side’scontroversial sale dispute is beinghandled by the Botswana Football Association(BFA).Gazette Sport understands that theplayer has agreed terms with FC Nitra,however, the European club has notyet fi nalized a deal with BMC becausethey do not know whether to negotiatewith the Ghodrati family or SonnyPhiri.


Ohilwe impressed European offi -cials during a training camp organizedby the player’s agent, Moran Nthoiwa.More than 50 players from aroundAfrica had attended the trials whichwere held at the SSKB Stadium lastmonth. The players were assessed bySlovakian coaches, Jozef Vukusic andLadislav Kotkovic. Vukusic, a formerFC Nitra coach, is believed to haverecommended the player to his formerclub.The 27- year- old defender is expectedto sign a three year deal withFC Nitra once the deal is fi nalized.


Hisfuture club fi nished in tenth place inthe Slovak Super Liga, also known asthe Corgon Liga.The FIFA accredited agent has alsolined up trials for two more Botswanabased players; Ronald Kefi lwe andThato Ramatebele, who are currentlyundergoing trials at FC Nitra. TheNotwane duo arrived in the CentralEurope nation last week.Nthoiwa told this reporter that theduo has been granted 3 month visadocuments that will allow them toremain in the country until October.“Ronald and Thato are currently trainingwith the club’s reserve team. Theywill be monitored by the technicalteam and if they do well they couldsign for the club within the next fewweeks,” said the agent.“The Slovakian league is professional,every club has its own stadium,reserve sides and youth structures.


Theleague can help the players earn movesto other European leagues in the future.Many African players have nowmoved on to the Russian league whichis more lucrative,” he continued.The 2013/14 league season in Slovakiahas resumed and after threerounds of matches, FC Nitra has failedto pick up any points so far. The sidehas lost all three fi xtures; the defeatshave left them bottom of the 12 teamlog. The side is desperate to add moreplayers to their squad according toNthoiwa and the imminent additionof Ohilwe is expected to bolster theclub’s defense.Nitra is one of the oldest clubs inthe Slovak Super Liga, having beenestablished in 1909. Their home stadiumis the Stadion Pod Zoborom andhas a seating capacity of 11 300. Theclub only has participated in the EuropaLeague on two occasions in theirhistory.