My Star returns

Local talent search and talent grooming music show, My Star is coming back to our TV screens with its first episode slated to air on the December the 22nd.  The show’s first auditions are scheduled to take place on the 28th of December in Maun.
Speaking to Time Out about the changes audience should expect,  the program’s producer Master Dee said, “People should look forward to a new judge whom we have not yet selected as Dj Sid left the judging panel. We are also looking to take the show to more people by covering many areas. People should take advantage of this platform to groom their talent as we have in the past managed to keep our promise of taking winners to school,” he explained.

The contestants would still be expected to pay an auditioning fee of P200. When asked the reasons behind the audition fee and whether it was ethical, Master Dee said, “The P200 is a commitment fee because if we did not have this commitment fee people would just audition just because it is free. It is ethical to show your commitment. And I don’t think that this fee may hinder the really talented individuals to participate because I believe if one wants something in life they should do anything to achieve it.”

For his part when commenting on how the show could be improved, outgoing judge DJ Sid said, “Everything about the show needs to be improved;  from auditions to the final product and the winner’s CD! I believe the auditioning process has to be more thorough and  cut-throat in order to identify only the most potentially talented prospects. Too many untalented people go through to the Top 50. The overall production from shooting to packaging of the show should be vastly improved. At the moment it is a bit substandard.  The contestants in my view should be mentored and trained for weeks like in other shows elsewhere by voice coaches. I would also like to hear contestants sing Botswana songs.”