National record holder left to rot

FRANCISTOWN: Mosojane native Kenaope Lefitile snatched the national javelin record from Bonolo Peloyamotho from 39meters to 45.65meters in 2013 at the Senior Athletics Championships that were held in Gaborone. To date, she has no mentor to up her game.

Speaking with Gazette Sports at the recently held Youth Pitso, the star outlined that lack of mentors, a proper field and equipment makes it difficult for her to regain her groove back. As the years 2011 and 2012 were a nightmare to student sport lovers due to the strike, she found it fit to join the Botswana Defence Force athletics team.

Lefitile now trains at Somerest West where she says she is exposed to unfavourable conditions that deter her from training well. This limits the youngster’s training as she has no funds to go to Donga campsite for proper training and equipment.

Further Lefitile said, “All coaches are temporary, after my record setting people cared for the first week and never followed through. I thought by now the Francistown stadium would be in use and keen adolescents like me would use it.”

The same competition she set the record in is set to take place in April. “I am expected to perform even better than last time, but I am still unfit and not ready to compete as I am prone to injuries,” said Lefitile.
Lefitile said to people facing similar challenges like hers,“Do not give up easily, work day in and day out eventually at the end you will reach your goals by God’s grace.”