Ngoni and De Figueiredo’s art exhibition at Thapong

Thapong Art Gallery will host a joint  exhibition by renowned artists Wilson Ngoni and Rebecca De Figueiredo on the 7th to the 21st of March. The exhibition  would be inspired by the theme ‘The Dream’ and will demonstrate the commitment of the two artists to the craft and their precise execution of the concept.

“The exhibition is themed ‘The Dream’, which means I am throwing away the world of casual looks and mistakes of the atmosphere. I am only trying to give the predominant qualities of my dreams; my mental status when I am looking at things in the light and when I hear sounds in the dark. My studio is the only place where my dreams come true, become pictures and paintings. We are planning to put up about 30 pieces in total. It has been a while since I collaborated with another artist, which is why I decided to work with Rebecca in this upcoming exhibition. Rebecca is older than me so I am hoping to learn a lot from her more so that our colours and styles of painting are far different, an aspect that is going to make the exhibition very interesting!” said Ngoni in an interview.