Premier League to appoint a fi nance committee

The Botswana Premier League (BPL) willappoint a fi nance committee instead of asingle treasurer. The BPL was rocked withsuspensions earlier this year, with allegations ofmisuse of funds leveled at the previous treasurer,William Maboane who left the post in Januarypending investigations.Maboane was suspended after it was allegedthat he failed to account for a defi cit of P20 000from the league’s account. In his absence, PrisonsXI’s Anthony Mokento had temporarily occupiedthe position after being appointed in January. Hisclub’s demotion from the league has left the positionvacant.


A board meeting was held three weeks agowhere the league’s new chairperson and his deputywere elected. However, the BPL is still operatingwithout a treasurer. The league’s board hassuggested that a fi nance committee consisting ofat least fi ve members be placed in order to havebetter chances of fi nancial accountability.The BPL Chief Executive Offi cer, BennettMamelodi, told Gazette Sport that the committeewill be elected based on the fi nancial credentialsof the possible candidates.


He stated that the committeewill not necessarily consist of chairpersonsfrom the league clubs, “we want to have afi nance committee which has people with fi nancebackgrounds as this would to improve the department.”As most clubs have started to privatize, theymay appoint employees with the required qualifications in their fi nance departments, hence enablingthe BPL to select the club representativesinto the fi nance committee according to Mamelodi.