Public officers reminded to refrain from active participation in politics

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The Permanent Secretary to the President, Mr. Eric Molale has issued a strong warning and caution to Public Officers to refrain from actively participating in party politics, as doing so is in conflict with the terms and conditions of employment of civil servants.

Molale’s concern follows a discovery by government that more than 32,600 (thirty two thousand six hundred) public officers across the country have appeared in voters rolls for Party Primary elections at all 57 Parliamentary constituencies, having registered to vote in the ongoing primary elections by various political parties.

The Permanent Secretary to the President, who is Head of the Public Service has emphasised that public officers are only entitled to participate in National General Elections and not in any other electoral process.
In terms of the Public Service Act No. 30 of 2008, public officers are prohibited from among other things, “speaking publicly, demonstrating for or against any political party or politician; being an active member, or holding office in any political party, and publishing his or her views on political matters in writing.”

In this context, public officers who are known to have already voted in political party primary elections will have to account to the employer about their violation of their terms and conditions of employment.
Subsequently, public officers who have registered to vote in any political party primary elections are called upon to refrain from doing so in any upcoming or current primary elections process.
Dr. Jeff Ramsay
DPS for Government Communication