Reasons why you should vote for the Botswana Congress Party

It is common knowledge that the state of our nation has declined to its lowest ebb. The economy is only serving the rich to get richer and the poor to get poorer; corruption is at its highest and very visible.  The education and health systems are in shambles. 48 years down the line we have no reliable source of electricity, water and food. If you do not call this failure on the part of the BDP then call it something else but not success.  They have run out of ideas and now surviving on opposition ideas, which they mis-implement because they did not conceptualize them in the first place.  Now is the time for you Motswana Wetsho to take that decisive step for change and vote for the party of choice, the growing party – Mogobagoba – a party which is more than Ready to Lead.  There are many reasons for voting for this great party, Here  are just ten reasons why you should vote for the Botswana Congress Party:

Our Manifesto addresses the key issues outlined above, which directly affect your life.  Our economic model is to ensure the citizens are well paid, have financial muscle to pay their mortgages, live a descent life and improve the lives of their immediate and extended families. The best resource a country can have is its people. This country was born rich since 1970 and poverty of the current level should be theory to Batswana.

It is the most united party in the country, with no under-current divisions to be massaged. BCP is made up of SIX political parties which found synergies and perfectly blended together.

This true unity is a result of a visionary leadership. Its Presidency, its Central Committee and its branch leaders are men and women of intellect, integrity and vision for a better Botswana.  They look beyond the surface and see pitfalls way ahead. These men and women would stand for a principle and avoid creating disharmony in its ranks.

It is the only party that has kept the BDP under serious scrutiny and held it accountable on a number of issues:  the violation of the BDF Act,  challenged acts of corruption and having two Ministers face music. The BCP halted the BDP from selling Air Botswana, a national asset, its argument was that privatisation should be done when most indigenous Batswana are ready to meaningful take part. The BCP has released a number of Democracy Alerts on the state of our deteriorating democratic credentials.

BCP will deliver quality education – it understands all the elements which define quality education and that is what our crumbling education system needs. It will accelerate access through compulsory and free education. It will work towards ensuring that children do not learn under trees or walk long distances to school. BCP will deliver mother tongue instruction as one of the markers of quality education and as a human right. Teacher welfare and conditions of service are at the heart of a good education system, and BCP is eager to deliver on these.

Our Health System is characterized by over-worked and underpaid personnel with the unmanaged facilities, shortage of medications and un-evenly distributed services in the country. BCP will bring back the nurses and doctors who have sought greener pastures elsewhere and pay them better salaries. A country without a good health system is an ailing country.

Our shadow cabinet – look at it – impressive. There are professionals in their fields, they will hit the ground running – Dr. Bulawa- educational management he will get to work on day one and know exactly what to do. Kekgonegile will go to labour and know exactly what to do on that first morning. BCP will not waste time fighting for positions- they are ready to lead you to prosperity.

Batswana have been rated the most unhappy people in Africa. They need a party that has fallen in love with true democracy, social justice and good governance. A party that will relieve them from fear and undue surveillance. Batswana are unhappy, but have no idea what to do? Vote for the BCP, is the natural answer.

Bagodi ba rona ba ronwa jang ke P300. After bringing us up in hardship, our elderly deserve better. A living wage in accordance with the cost of living is the BCP promise. Come to the Green party. Green is for life – come to life. Botala bo dule mogolo! The Youth are just not leaders of tomorrow but today. Under the BCP, youth programs will be designed with their input, and job creation for these young people is priority.

Under the BDP led government many Batswana remain landless because of poor land management by the current government. People who have applied for residential plots as far back as 1994, are still to be allocated land. The BCP promised to allocate land within 12 months after submission of an application. The BCP also promises to do a Land Audit to ascertain who hold what land and what land is not utilised in order to re-distribute. Vote BCP if you want your land problem to be addressed expeditiously.

Banks Ndebele
Ledumadumane East